Our Commitment

Saipem Canada Inc. is committed to the sustainability and continued growth of our employees. This is why we have introduced new, innovative ways to be more efficient and cost-effective. We have made strides to put these new and improved methodologies at the heart of our company, and reinforce them through every employee. We are always continuing to improve our performance, while looking at our human resources as our most important asset.

We look at stability as part of our business. For Saipem Canada Inc., sustainability allows us a means of continued long-term growth and value in the oil and gas industry. It is important for a company to remain competitive, while not sacrificing the quality of the work. We strive here, in the oil and gas industry, to meet these goals by neither sacrificing the quality of the work, the environmental impact, nor the end result for our clients.

We have in place standards and tools, nationally and internationally recognized, to aid us in our goals of continuing to be a national leader in the oil and gas industry. 

These are just a few of the tools that Saipem Canada Inc. adheres to in order to facilitate effective communication, health & safety, and sustained growth within our company. Our commitment to seamlessly integrate every aspect of the company and its employees has become a core value at Saipem Canada Inc.