Research & Development

research and developmentIn the continuing quest of designing and building modern, cost-effective and sustainable new investments for Saipem's customers, the Research & Development business has two basic commitments.

  1. Development of unique proprietary process technologies and related know-how in selected lines of the oil & gas production and derivatives chain.

  2. Fostering a high level of general technical expertise, by applying the most modern third party state-of-the-art technologies to Saipem's new projects.

In the pursuit of the above objectives, over the last years Saipem can claim several achievements:

  • Continuing performance improvements to its Snamprogetti™ urea technology, licensed to date to 116 units world-wide, as well as the ongoing development of integrated ammonia-urea complexes, based on a combination of Haldor Topse A/S and Snamprogetti™ technologies.
  • In cooperation with the Dow Chemical Company, the successful development and demonstration on a semi-commercial scale of ASM, a new Advanced Styrene Monometer synthesis process, which can produce the styrene monomer directly from ethane as well as from ethylene.
  • The continuing development of advanced pipeline design, construction and welding techniques, in order to improve throughput capacities and reduce design and operating costs.
  • The consolidation of LNG liquefaction technology design tools to support Saipem's role as lead EPC contractor.
  • The development, together with Eni R&M, of several innovative technologies: ENSOLVEX, to remediate soil and sediments polluted by organics; CO2 removal from refinery streams via micro-algae, which can be later processed to produce a biofuel.
  • Application development, via exclusive cooperation agreements, of novel technologies for polluted soil and groundwater remediation, as well as for the removal of organic compounds.
  • The development of a technology to store large quantities of sulphur in the solid phase (on behalf of Eni E&P), as well as the invention of a new proprietary sulphur management approach, which will allow much safer emissions free and more practical sulphur blocks cutting and transportation.