Horizon Oil Sands - Hydro Transport Corridor 3

hydro-transport-corridor-3Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Key Players: Canadian Natural Resources

The development of the Hydro-transport corridor started from the third train of the Ore Preparation Plant (OPP3) to Extraction facilities. Civil and structural work included access and maintenance roads, crossings and drainage trenches, platforms and pits. The project included a 28 inch diameter Hydro-transport slurry pipeline stretching over 3km and two slurry booster pump houses.

Canadian Natural Resources is dedicated to developing and operating this world-class facility in a safe, reliable, effcient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible way.

The Horizon Oil Sands is located 75 km northwest of Fort McMurray, near Fort McKay. The Hydro-Transport Corridor is slurry pipeline.