Recent Projects


Saipem is a leader in turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects, with a particular focus on becoming the principal source for the oil and gas industry. Saipem Canada offers a complete range of project definition and execution services, particularly for the "Mega-projects" required by the market today: from feasibility and front end studies, to design, engineering, procurement, and field construction.

The growing thirst for ever-larger oil and gas facilities frequently requires the design and execution of very large production and processing plants in very remote locations, often inaccessible, with harsh environmental conditions and very challenging logistics. Saipem has been ready to face this challenge with the successful execution of several large-scale and difficult projects in such inhospitable environments. Historically, as an EPC contractor operating in some of the harshest environments, Saipem Canada Inc. has completed major projects with many of the large oil and gas companies within Canada. Saipem Canada's vast experience in managing project activities, associated with an adequate technological and operational level, have progressively developed the company's capabilities and experience.

Below are a few of our recent featured projects.

Horizon Secondary Upgrader - Hydrotreater Phase 2 Project

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Key Players: Canadian Natural Resources

In September 2011, Saipem Canada Inc. entered into an agreement with Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (Canadian Natural) for the engineering, procurement and construction of a Secondary Upgrader with a production capacity of 42,599 BPSD (barrels per stream day) of Hydrotreated Gas Oil as part of the Horizon Oil Sands Project - Hydrotreater Phase 2 - in the Athabasca region of Alberta, Canada.

The scope of the project includes several units to be built within the existing complex: Gas Oil Hydrotreating Unit (GOHTU), Common facilities (Substation & Rib), Wash Water and Rich Amine System, and the Interconnecting Piperack.

The complete Horizon Oil Sands Project will develop oil sands resources on the Canadian Natural Oil Sands Lease, located approximately 70 kilometers north of Fort McMurray in a phased development. At full capacity, the project will produce 250,000 B/cd of synthetic crude oil, from 270,000 B/cd of mined bitumen.

The EDS (Engineering and Design Specification) package for the Plant is entirely prepared by assembling documentation from the current design of the Plant constructed by Saipem Canada in 2008 for the same client.


Horizon Oil Sands - Hydro Transport Corridor 3

hydro-transport-corridor-3Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Key Players: Canadian Natural Resources

The development of the Hydro-transport corridor started from the third train of the Ore Preparation Plant (OPP3) to Extraction facilities. Civil and structural work included access and maintenance roads, crossings and drainage trenches, platforms and pits. The project included a 28 inch diameter Hydro-transport slurry pipeline stretching over 3km and two slurry booster pump houses.

Canadian Natural Resources is dedicated to developing and operating this world-class facility in a safe, reliable, effcient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible way.

The Horizon Oil Sands is located 75 km northwest of Fort McMurray, near Fort McKay. The Hydro-Transport Corridor is slurry pipeline.


Canaport LNG Terminal

canaportLocation: Saint John, New Brunswick

Key Players: Peter Kiewit Sons Co. (engineer-procure-construct for the terminal jetty); SNCSnam - a partnership between SNC-Lavalin and Saipem Canada Inc. (formerly Snamprogetti Canada Inc.)(engineers, constructors); Acier Ecan (steel installation); Opron Maritimes Construction

Canaport LNG Limited Partnership, a Canadian limited partnership between subsidiaries of Irving Oil Limited (25 per cent ownership) and Repsol YPF, S.A. (75 per cent ownership).

The project includes three 160,000 cubic-metre storage tanks, a 350-metre off-loading jetty with mooring facilities for liquified natural gas (LNG) carriers with up to 300,000 cubic-metre capacity and a closed loop unloading system.


Sunrise Energy Project

sunrise energy projectLocation: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Key Players: Husky Energy Inc; BP PLC

Located 60 kilometers northeast of Fort McMurray, Sunrise is a world-class bitumen deposit with estimated total probable and possible reserves of 3.7 billion barrels (100 percent) as of December 31, 2008. The McMurray formation is up to 100 meters thick on portions of the Sunrise lease. On January 1, 2008, Husky entered into an agreement with BP to establish an upstream and downstream solution for the production, refining and marketing of bitumen from Sunrise. Under the agreement, Husky traded 50 percent of the Sunrise oil sands holdings for 50 percent of BP’s refinery near Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A. BP will continue to operate the refinery and Husky will operate the Sunrise project.


Horizon Oil Sands Upgrader Project

horizon-oil-sandsLocation: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Key Players: SNC-Lavalin; Canadian Natural Resources

Saipem Canada Inc., and its joint venture partner, SNC-Lavalin, were awarded a lump sum contract by Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural) to provide engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) management services for the Horizon Oil Sands Project – Secondary Upgrader Project.

The Secondary Upgrader, consisting of three hydrotreaters, will process 110,000 barrels/day of feedstock from the Primary Upgrader into synthetic crude components.