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Snamprogetti Canada has used the resources of the ISNetWorld for years

Following Saipem's Corporate Quality Policy, Saipem Canada has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements and with our Corporate guidelines and standards. Saipem Canada is ready to be certified ISO 9001:2015 in 2018.

Saipem Canada's Quality Policy is based on management's commitment to Continuous Improvement and compliance with the requirements to ensure effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The Policy is based on the following key principles:

  • Commitment to achieving complete customer satisfaction and market success by fully meeting or exceeding quality, time, and cost requirements for contracted services and by collecting and analyzing customer feedback
  • Commitment to guaranteeing complete shareholder satisfaction and increasing business profitability by promoting and implementing continuous improvement plans and by adopting a process-based approach designed to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System
  • Commitment to guaranteeing stakeholder engagement by ensuring mutual benefits, the full involvement of company personnel and an awareness of the relevance and importance of their individual roles
  • Commitment to a mutually beneficial relationship between Saipem Canada and its suppliers in order to enhance the ability of both to create value and meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Commitment to improve Quality culture within Saipem Canada to better support project execution

The scope of the Quality Management System is:

Project management, design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, construction of onshore modules and facilities (plants and pipelines) for the oil and gas industry, including pre-commissioning.


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Saipem Canada Inc. is a long-time supporter of the ISNetWorld community. Their commitment to networking and connecting businesses with safe, reliable contractors and suppliers has long been an asset to the oil and gas industry. Saipem Canada Inc. has used the resources of ISNetWorld for years to collaborate with the best workforce possible to meet our clients' needs.


CanQual is an information technology company that specializes in management of contractor pre-qualification data via an online database known as CQBase. This database allows businesses to find contractors that suit the company's needs and fulfill the clients' expectations. CanQual maintains an evaluation and audit service to ensure the integrity of the data. CanQual's CQBase audits ensure that Saipem Canada Inc. is able to staff the best professionals available in the oil and gas industry.


Saipem Canada Inc. utilizes the services of PICS, an established contract management service provider, for prequalification purposes. PICS' stringent auditing process ensures Contractors are suitably qualified in terms of Health, Safety, and Environment practices, Quality Control and Assurance, and general suitability to a project. Saipem Canada has been a memeber of PICS' for many years.