Leadership in Health & Safety

healthThe LiHS program (Leadership in Health & Safety) was tailor-made to address health and safety related issues within Saipem Canada Inc. In recent years, safety has become a core value for the company, but focusing solely on safety was not enough.

In order to guarantee long and productive lives, Saipem Canada Inc. had an obligation to address the growing concerns regarding health issues. Encouragement and opportunity to live a healthier life, and learn new skills that could, when brought home, potentially benefit your family. The LiHS program is the first of many steps in order to promote a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.

LiHS Top management has formulated the Saipem Safety Vision, which describes the desired state which all Saipem employees must focus on and the Company commitment for a safer future. And as a subsidiary of Saipem, Saipem Canada Inc. follows these protocols. For more information, you can read the LiHS Brochure.



"The Safer, The Better"